Individual room control – why?

Every room is used different, in the way that it is fitted out and the way that it is used. Every room has a differing thermal behavior. So we have learnt that one thermostat in the management area does not ensure that everyone feels comfortable in their rooms? Should your bedroom be at the same temperature as the living room or the kitchen or a children's room, your office the same temperature as a meeting-room?
The earlier state-of-the-art was the classical thermostatic valves (one-room or radiator-control), certainly an improvement on no kind of control at all. Nowadays these have been superseded by electronic control systems featuring temperature sensors in each room (individual-room-control). The intelligent ThermoZYKLUS control system, takes the heat loads into account and accordingly regulates by understanding the individual room characteristics.

ThermoZYKLUS individual room regulation for all current heating systems is based on entirely new control procedure. It was developed with the goal of "Saving energy with greater comfort", patented on 27 January 2000, and it has been successfully launched on the European market. Tests conducted at the Technical University Dresden's "Institute of Technical Thermodynamics and Technical Facility Equipment" have proven in practice: High energy savings compared to conventional thermostatic controls and systems.